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this scene broke my heart into a million jagged pieces of shattered stained glass

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im so tired but a giant moth flew into my room and now i cant find him so i cant sleep till then 




Today’s SDCC Hannibal haul. Funko is blowing through the Hannibal dolls - now reselling for $65-$90 at non-Funko vendor booths - and they’re selling out crazy fast. I waited in line for two hours only for them to be sold out, but luckily my dad found two and surprised me later! I’m thinking about doing a giveaway, so stay tuned for more info!

Lionsgate was as accommodating as they could be, but since the Mockingjay and Hannibal signing wristbands were given away on top of each other, and a lot of staff/security didn’t know what was going on, many Fannibals were mistakenly turned away or given the wrong information

The cast was great at the signing, but security was a nightmare. No personal items were supposed to be signed (or they would be confiscated), but Bryan Fuller saw the Mondo print I brought and signed it anyway.

We received an autographed season 2 dvd cover and a SDCC exclusive soundtrack that has some original music from Hannibal that won’t be on the OST released later this year!

Pretty good day!

I’m so jealous!

aaron talking about scott (x)

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Dogs couldn’t be happier, we camp full time !


Shiny Mega Ampharos by request.



Shiny Mega Ampharos by request.

E y e s    a r e    d i s t r a c t i n g.  See too much, don’t see enough.

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